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We supply products for car fleets, solutions for sustainable mobility and devices to improve drivers’ safety.
We provide custom-built services for vehicle tracking, traffic information, connected navigation, monitoring of CO2 emissions, fuel monitoring system and driving habits, anti-collisions systems, route planning optimization for any business requirement.
Always with keen eyes on the new green economy.

Delivering innovative GPS technology across diverse markets, including in-car, sport & fitness, wellness, outdoor recreation, aviation, marine and mobile apps. A wide range of high quality products including sat navs, activity trackers, GPS running watches, cycling…

No more padlocks, weldings and repaintings. UFO and UFO + are the solution for problems of security vans, designed for customers who need to open and close the van doors dozens of times during the day. UFO is the new defender Meroni for the automotive market: extremely safe thanks to its Antipicking cylinder, easy and quick to assemble, studied for van doors, for everyday use. UFO + is the next generation product for commercial vehicles. It maintains all the characteristics of strength and solidity of UFO product but adds a plus: the closing cap remains attached to the doors of the vehicle.

Mobileye is a Driver Assistance System which proactively warns a driver of an impending collision or driving hazard giving vital extra seconds to avoid the incident. It is established globally as the premium safety intervention for the prevention and mitigation of road traffic crashes and will reduce the probability of a road crash by more than half. The Mobileye technology has been adopted by BMW, Volvo, GM, Nissan and other OEMs. The reduction in injuries, crash repairs, insurance and administration costs along with enhanced duty of care makes Mobileye an important addition to any fleet.

NeoRoad SAFETY uses video to help individual and fleet managers coach drivers on their individual performance.
It provides a true picture of what’s really happening on the road. It’s an approach that’s unique to NeoRoad SAFETY, and it’s helped hundreds of thousands of drivers. Quite often, it has exonerated them against fraudulent claims. Best of all, our mobile surveillance solution is simple and easy to use.


Employees who use mobile phones to text, email, and browse the web while driving are not only a danger to themselves, but they also pose a significant risk and liability to their employer. FleetSafer is complete suite for smart phones to promote safe, legal, and responsible use of cell phones while driving and is a practical way for companies to measure and control distracted driving.

Surfsight provides live-video telematics service that continuously improves drivers safety and savings. Integrated with multi-sensors packed front and rear cameras, Surfsight streams live-video and events (from office to the street) and events from vehicles to the Cloud (from the street to the office) over the mobile network, providing continuous monitoring of your fleets, drivers and passengers. It’s the professional, connected, simple and economic dashcam that meets the interest of insurance companies.

The Vuemate, launched as the nation’s first product, comes with high performance SOC and 2M pixel image processor, detecting a driver’s abnormal symptoms like drowsiness, negligence in keeping eyes forward, and face departure by monitoring in real-time the driver’s eye size and face movement to the directions of left/right, up/down, and tilting. It cognitively alerts the driver to the danger of those symptoms by both the operation status LED and the alarming buzzer.